Bible Journaling for Beginners | Stamping 101


FRIDAY! I hope you had a great week, friend! I’ve got a new bible journaling process video up on my channel today and I’m sharing part one of a new year-long video series.

Once a month I will share one of my favorite bible journaling supplies along with a couple different ways to use it. Isn’t it the best when we can stretch our supplies in creative ways?! First up is clear stamps!

For these videos I want to keep the supply list short-as if this were the only supply I had. Of course, I will allow myself a couple freebies, like a journaling pen, adhesive etc. Actually, just anything found in this handy Basics tool kit from Illustrated Faith 🙂


To use clear stamps you will also need an ink pad and something to mount it on, like the acrylic block included in this tool kit. But, in my video I share one other option for mounting your clear stamps so be sure to check that out here 😉


Today I decided to use these adorable butterfly stamps from Illustrated Faith. I’ve had these for a while, but you’d be surprised how many times you can use a butterfly to illustrate different bible verses. Especially when you think about all the things that a butterflies could represent, like new life!



The thing I love about these stamps is that in addition to the beautiful butterfly illustrations is that there are some words and phrases also (and scripture references to boot!) In my video I share several other bible verses you could use these butterflies next too, too!


Supplies, left to right: Black Eyed Pea pigment ink pad, acrylic block, Fly Free stamp set, Crayola colored pencils, my journaling bible and Illustrated Faith journaling pen (.35 nib).

I hope you’ll join me in 2 Corinthians 5:16-21 today! you can watch my process video here!

❤ Jillian

P.S.  I’ve got a couple other beginner-type videos where I use clear stamps, like this one where I include watercolor, or this one with a beautiful calligraphy stamps for those of us who haven’t mastered hand-lettering 🙂

AND, be sure to check out this great resource for additional info about stamping and ink.


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