I’m happy to answer (almost 😉 ) any question you have! If it’s not answered below shoot me an email (hellojillsky@gmail.com) and I’ll gladly get back to you!

Q: What type of bible do you use?

A: I use the NIV Journal the Word Bible from Zondervan. It has the typical lined 2″ margins on cream pages. You can see more here.


Q: How do you read your bible if it’s covered with paint and stickers?

A: Excellent question! The bible I journal in isn’t the one I use for my daily reading (I read from the YouVersion bible app on my phone).


Q: What do you print your Print & Pray Shop printables on?

A: I like to use this 110 lb. white card stock or the Avery clear label paper.


Q: What printer do you use?

A: I print everything on a commercial copier instead of at home. I’ve also had great results with copy centers at Office Depot and the like. Sometimes you can upload your files onto their site and specify which paper you’d like it printed on.

Otherwise, save your files on a jump drive and take that into the store for them to print on the paper of your choice (in this case I would bring my own sticker paper).


Q: How do you store your Print & Pray Shop items?

A: Another great question! At the moment they sit in a pile on the corner of my desk. BUT, I have dreams of an open-top rolling file cart where I can keep sheets stored in hanging folders.

*UPDATE!* I have implemented a storage system that works well for me. Check out my craft room tour video here. To skip ahead to Print & Pray storage go to 15:00 in the video.


Q: What are your favorite Faber Castell Big Brush colors?

A: I reach for the following colors the most: Light Flesh 132, Dark Naples Ochre 184, Pink Madder Lake 129, May Green 170, Cobalt Green 156, Phthalo Green 161, and Black 199. Close seconds are Green Gold 268, Middle Purple Pink 125, Lilac 239, Light Green 171 and White 101.

Q: How do you film your videos?

A: On an old hand-me-down iPhone! I love using “found” things when possible so I can save money for fun stuff- like art supplies or date night 🙂

My husband created a rig to hold my phone over my desk from some leftover materials at his workplace. I use two lamps for lighting (one found in my attic and the other handed down from my Nani) both fitted with Ott light bulbs. And I edit all my videos in iMovie on my Mac.


Q: How do you study the bible?

A: This changes, but at the moment I’ve got a nice rhythm going. In the morning, usually while my toddler eats breakfast, I grab some coffee and sit down with my phone (I use the YouVersion bible app) and Give Me Jesus journal from Well Watered Women Co.

I like to read through one book at a time using the reading plan found at the beginning of each book in the She Reads Truth study bible. That typically includes one chapter from the book I’m reading (currently John) and a couple supporting passages from elsewhere in the bible (Scripture interprets Scripture, right? 😉

As I read, I highlight and/or record anything that jumps out at me or that I have a question about. When I’m done reading all of the listed passages I revisit my question (if still unanswered) and go to some of my favorite commentators/authors for their take.

Of course, the Holy Spirit is always invited into my quiet time because He is the best Teacher ❤