Bible Nerd Gift Guide!

Hiya, friend! This week I wrangled my favorite, everyday Bible study items for the Bible nerd on your gift list…or yourself! πŸ™‚ I use these items on the regular. I purchased each one (with the exception of a couple that are currently on my wishlist) so this is in no way sponsored-I’m just sharing what I love and what has been helpful in my Bible study time. And, of course, there are a few fun things thrown in as well. So let’s get started!

I shared all of these items in a video, walking through each one. If you’d prefer to watch instead of read, then head here πŸ™‚


First up, Bibles! In my video I shared three Bible formats and will list a couple additional, highly recommended Bibles.

For everyday use I like this softcover NIV Journal the Word Bible. It’s a good ol’ fashioned journaling/note taking Bible with 2-ish inch margins, perfect for jotting down notes alongside the text.

NIV Journal the Word journaling Bible

Zondervan also offers a large print Journal the Word Bible for those that prefer larger text. πŸ™‚

I study using the ESV translation and enjoy the personal-sized ESV study Bible. It has helpful notes, charts, maps and resources. And I like the compact size. Crossway also offers a large print version if that’s what the Bible nerd in your life would prefer.

photo c/o DaySpring Cards

This summer I used Crossway’s Scripture Journals to study the book of Joshua. I loved the compact size and the superior paper quality. And I liked having one blank page next to each page of Bible text; there was plenty of room for notes and annotations. The only downside, in my opinion, is that each journal is only one book of the Bible and it is essential to consider the whole counsel of scripture when studying. That means I had to refer to the Bible app on my phone if I didn’t want to carry around another Bible. Not necessarily a deal breaker since I plan to continue using them πŸ™‚

Joshua ESV Scripture Journal

Crossway offers the journals individually and in boxed sets, Old and New Testaments.

photo c/o

Resource Books

If you’ve watched my Bible study resource videos then the first two titles on this list will not surprise you. In fact, the third one might not either, haha!

I always recommend Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin for those that want to learn a method of Bible study to build Bible literacy. I’ve read this book twice, once with a friend (which I highly recommend!) A second edition was recently released and it includes helpful discussion questions if you’re reading through it in community.

My next recommendation is Dig Deeper: Tools for Understanding God’s Word by Nigel Benyon and Andrew Sach. This book is actually a tool box and it’s filled with helpful pointers to understanding the Bible. It helps the reader get to the meaning of a biblical text by identifying things like the author’s purpose, literary structure, tone and feel and so much more! It is so practical it even offers exercises in each chapter to let the reader practice the tools (there are 17 tools total).

photo c/o

This year I have learned so much about the Jewish roots of Christianity. It all started with Lois Tverberg’s book Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus. This book offers, in my opinion, necessary Hebraic historical and cultural context for Bible study. Her books and research have been so helpful in reshaping how I read the Bible.

Bible Study Aids

Ok, so this next item isn’t technically part of my study time…yet πŸ™‚ It’s called the Bible Study Workbook and it launches Monday, November 23.

The Bible Study Workbook aims to build Bible literacy by helping the user become an independent student of the Word. It offers a “systematic and transparent approach to Bible study” according to the website, and from what I’ve seen, it sounds like it will be a great tool when using the Bible study methods outlined in the recommended resource books above πŸ‘†

photo credit: @thebiblestudyworkbook

One journal that I’ve used and loved is the Walk In Grace journals offered by Well Watered Women. Currently they offer journals for studying Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians and Colossians, and they follow a similar study method as mentioned above.

These spiral bound journals walk through how to use each journaling section and are great for someone just beginning to study on their own (meaning, they’re not following another teacher’s curriculum and are making their own connections and discoveries in the text).

Fun Extras/ Stocking Stuffers

Highlighters! I love to use these to mark up my journals and highlight in my Bible! They won’t bleed through, but might shadow if used with a heavy hand.

Zebra Mildliners

Post Its! Ok, so these aren’t so razzle-dazzle, but boy are they handy! I like to use them to write questions in the margin so I don’t forget (and remove them once they’re answered) or use them for some extra room to hold additional notes.

My favorite pens! Ok, so this is a personal preference but a good pen is essential to Bible study, right?! I like these waterproof and super smooth Papermate pens.

Speaking of essentials, you can’t study without a hot cup of coffee can you? Well, yes, of course you can. But it doesn’t hurt to have coffee or tea nearby. This mug from Sola Gratia is perfect for a hot study beverage.

photo credit: Sola Gratia

And that does it for my bible nerd gift guide! I think that any of these items would make a great addition to one’s Bible study time- because I like to use them! What would you add to the list?? Drop a comment below!

See you soon with my next installment of Gratitude Documented MemoryDex cards and my Bible Journaling for Beginners gift guide-coming soon!

❀ Jillian


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