Print & Pray Hyperlapse Process Videos

Oh, hey friend! It’s been CUH-RAZY around here lately! With a sick baby and a husband working seven days and nights a week there hasn’t been much in the way of creative time.

BUT, I did want to share here, and on my YouTube channel, some videos that I’ve been able to squeak out in weeks past! For the last couple months it’s been fun to create a one minute long hyperlapse video showcasing one of the Better Together artist releases in the Illustrated Faith Print & Pray Shop.

They’re only a minute long because that’s what I’m limited to uploading in my Insta feed. And therefore, they’re super duper fast. I totally understand if you need to watch ’em a couple times 🙂


Click here to watch the hyperlapse I made with Elaine Davis‘ set Glow & Get It which released in January.


And click here to watch the hyperlapse I made with Brianna Showalter‘s set Love Letters from God. That one released in February and is SO fun!

This coming Tuesday is the March Better Together artist release and I’ve got a hyperlapse to share on Instagram as well as a full length process video on my YouTube channel. It features Shawna Clingerman’s set (which is really cute and I can’t wait for you to see it!)

I hope you have a great weekend. Happy MARCH! See you soon!

❤ Jillian


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