Faithfulness| Bible Journaling the Fruits of the Spirit | Process Video


Happy Wednesday! I’m back with another entry in the “I’m not calling it a series, bible journaling through the Fruit of the Spirit” series. 🙂 This time, faithfulness!

For this page I chose to use Elaine Davis’ Print & Pray Shop set Sprinkle Goodness. How fun is it??!


She includes everything needed to create your own cone-including the cherry on top!

I chose to use the Illustrated Faith highlighter washi tape to create my own “sprinkles” on the page 🙂


This entry was a lot of fun to make and it was a treat to revisit my notes from this particular commentary. I hope you’ll check out the process video to hear the heart behind it!


You can see the rest of my fruity entries here! See you next time!

❤ Jillian


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