Hymnal Art Journaling | Process Video 2

Hi, friend! I’m back with a new process video– this time in my hymnal!


The past month has been pretty busy and this past week quite difficult. I really wanted to be creative just for myself and ended up turning the camera on. Turns out my entry is kinda pretty and I had the time and energy to make a video about it- so here we are!

ACS_0513Towards the end of my process I found this Illustrated Faith sticker that says “lift up your eyes” and I loved that reminder during this difficult time. Instead of looking at my circumstances in despair I can lift my eyes to our heavenly Father. Instead of being governed by my feelings I can look to His word for the Truth about this season. And while I don’t have a neat and tidy resolution, I do know it’s ultimately for my good and His glory.

This hymnal page was very much inspired by Wilna Furstenburg’s art journaling videos on her YouTube channel. She has wonderful content, both on her YouTube channel and in her online classes. She designs beautiful printables and stencils with her classes and is an excellent teacher. I highly recommend checking her out. ❤


To begin, I scraped clear gesso on my pages using this Illustrated Faith paint card. It creates a nice barrier between the thin paper and the wet media I’ll add to it. My pages ended up veryyyyy crinkly, but held up well considering they were not made for this.


I had just picked up pieces from the Willow Lane collection from Maggie Holmes and looked to the paper pieces to determine my colors. I loved that panda girl and originally planned to use here in my piece.


Next I used a very wet brush to put down my first layer- watercolor. I kept my heat tool close by and used it to help speed up the drying time.


Once the watercolor was dry I scraped this white texture paste through this Kaisercraft stencil using a palette knife. I love the little art marks this stencil creates and look forward to using it way more!


Then I added acrylic ink to my pages. This is some serious ink, you guys. It’s great, don’t get me wrong, but it is very pigmented and a little goes a long way.

I started with the Deep Violet color mixed with white and then added the Turquoise Deep towards the end. I dripped the ink on my page and then went over it with a wet paintbrush.


When I realized a little ink goes a long way (whoops!) I pulled out some white acrylic craft paint to help tone down the color and bring back some white space. I used a brush and my fingers to help apply it- so fun!


After all the color was down I realized it was starting to look like a galaxy. I grabbed some gold color shine from Heidi Swapp and changed directions with the paper pieces. Instead of using the Maggie Holmes panda girl I opted for a new Beloved Society printable from the Illustrated Faith Print & Pray Shop. She too had a galaxy top on and I thought it would be a better fit.

Then I remembered these brushed word stickers and found this great phrase “lift up your eyes”. Just the reminder I needed!


To see how this page came together you can watch the process video here. Any questions? Leave them below and I’d be happy to answer! Have a great rest of your week!


❤ Jillian



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