Hymnal Art Journaling | Process Video


Hey, friends! I’ve got something kinda different for ya today- I’m getting suuuper messy with a new hymnal art journaling process video. I’ve been very much inspired by Wilna Furstenberg lately and wanted to try some of her art journaling techniques in my hymnal!

First up, supplies! Wilna uses a lot of flourishes on her art journal pages and I had yet to use these beauties from the Illustrated Faith Print & Pray Shop.


I prepped my pages with clear gesso and then started painting! Here’s a look at the paint colors I used. Left to right: Dina Wakley heavy body fuchsia and magenta, Liquitex heavy body light portrait pink, DW lemon, turqouise, peacock and Illustrated Faith’s white from Pebeo. So fun!



Once I had a layer of paint down I used a Dylusions stencil, texture paste mixed with paint and a palette knife to create these yellow circles. And immediately toned them down with more acrylic paint 😀



Throughout the process I added lots of blue paint splatters with the Illustrated Faith watercolors. 



There was lots of drying with the heat tool and once things were (mostly) dry, I started to glue to Print & Pray Shop printables down onto my page.

While the final look is a total 180 from the type of art I typically create, I really enjoyed the process! It’s very therapeutic to add layer upon layer and totally let your mind focus on the scripture or hymn underneath all the media.


What do you think? Is this something you could see yourself trying out? I promise you don’t need #allthethings and if you’re unsure about creating this type of look in your bible or hymnal, I’d recommend thrifting a random ol’ book to play around in. You won’t regret it!

Thanks so much for joining me today and don’t forget you can see the whole process for these pages here. Have a great weekend!

❤ Jillian


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