Lens of Love | Bible Journaling Process


Oh, hey! I’m so glad you stopped by! So, I did a thing- I created a blog! I told myself I wouldn’t but realized that it could potentially benefit both of us 🙂 Ok, wait. I just read that and it sounds kinda weird. Let me explain.

I don’t plan on making this a daily what’s on my mind type blog, but more of a home for additional information for my weekly YouTube videos (think bible journaling supplies and other resources) and for questions I’m frequently asked.

So, let’s get to it! For my first post I’m sharing my first bible journaling process video of the new year. I’m not quite ready to start making resolutions or setting goals because I’m still chewing on what God’s taught me this past year-and that includes the second greatest commandment-to love others like I love myself.

Step number one: find my verse. I decided to journal next to this conversation in Mark 12 because I already had an entry alongside the same account in Matthew 22. Then I start gathering supplies.


I love the new Illustrated Faith Print & Pray Shop release from Elaine Davis (I mean how cute are those sunnies?!) and decided this would be the inspiration for the title and color palette of my page. [NOTE: if you’d like more info about the digital items in the Print & Pray Shop and how I print these pieces you can visit my FAQ page for all the details :)]

Then I shopped my stash to find some additional coordinating supplies.

IMG_6296 (1)

Supplies, clockwise from top left: purple alpha stickers from Studio Calico, sunglass printable from Elaine’s set, turquoise ink pad (similar found here), faux washi strips printed on clear sticker paper, Illustrated Faith journaling pen (.35 nib), Homespun alphabet clear stamp set, and black Homespun alphabet stickers.

I like to keep supplies corralled in a project tray, like this plastic one I picked up from Dollar Tree. It just makes it easier to keep track of things I want to remember to use (especially for ongoing projects like Gratitude Documented and Advent).

IMG_6297 (1)

Another favorite is the new Basics tool kit– it comes with a handy bible mat, my favorite journaling pen, black ink pad and roller adhesive, an acrylic block and roller date stamp! This is a great item to pick up if you’re just starting out and is a good deal for all the essentials you’ll need.


To see how my page came together and how I typically approach completing a journaling bible entry be sure to check out my process video on my YouTube channel here!

Thanks so much for visiting today and I hope to “see” you again soon!

❤ Jillian


3 thoughts on “Lens of Love | Bible Journaling Process

  1. Hello Jillsky, first I hope you and your family get better! Get well wishes..
    Congratulations on your blog- hope you enjoy as we do on your UTube channel….!!!!!
    Blessing in 2018. I know you will love blogging. ❤️ Susan from Arkansas
    *** I love learning lettering and using watercolor paints…I think the lettering process will be in the learning mode for a long while 😂


  2. So cute Jillian! I love watching your process videos…you are so creative! Thank you for sharing what God is saying to you-it really resonates with me sometimes!


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